I was born in San Francisco, raised in Mill Valley, lived for the last 20+ years in Sonoma County. Spending 15 years in a combination of paralegal, contract administrator, and venture capital coordinator, seems to have been the ideal preparatory background for a career in real estate. It gave me an eye for the details of contracts, where the end value of transaction often lies, a fearless and relentless, negotiating skill and a comfort with all levels of real estate buyers and sellers, from entry level to multimillion dollar estate acquisitions. A true people-person, I have thrived as a real estate agent top producer for my company even through the economic ups and downs, by paying attention to the details and always placing the interests of my clients at the forefront of my business practice. In fact, I believe that caring for something more than one's self is more than just business, it's how I chose to live my life.

As my bookshelves will attest, I am a voracious reader, with a special fondness for mysteries, a current favorite being the Longmire series by Craig Johnson. In preparation for a longer trek in the fall, my real estate team member/husband and I take frequent hikes in the Jack London State Historical Park. These combine my interest in local history with an appreciation of the stunning beauty of our Sonoma landscape. The vineyards, the 400 year old oaks, our towering redwoods—what’s not to love?

Most people interested in living in Sonoma County have a few really important considerations. Taking the time to find out what those criteria are is critical to the success of the agent-client relationship. And it is a relationship, not just a transaction. The real estate market is a dynamic, even volatile business these days, with data six or even three months old being dated at best and deceptive at worst. What is important to my clients, whether they are buying or selling is what is happening to home values, interest rates, inventory and market trends, right now, today. It's why its important to work with an agent who has not only experience, but who is currently active in the business. It's why I rely on a team approach to business, because no one can be a expert in all the complex fields that come into play with what is often the largest financial transaction a person will make in their lifetime. I have assembled a team of trusted professionals that I work with and recommend, from contractors, to mortgage brokers, to inspectors and maintenance workers. These are people I believe in and who share my belief that we all do best when we take the long view and the high road in everything we do.

I strongly believe that community involvement is the key to creating a world we would want for ourselves and for our children to inherit. To that end I donated portions of my commissions to local SPCA shelters and clinics, participate in awarding need/merit based scholarships assisting high school seniors make the leap to college, developing a local program to supply shoes to needy school age children, participated with my son in delivering meals to families with financial limitations, a member of the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and make a point of attending educational fundraisers. We make the world we live in. I believe in taking personal responsibility for the choices I make and the things I do. In that way I strive to be a positive force in my work, with my family, and in my relationships in the world.